Cyprus - EU's Ideal Hub for Hydrogen

RePower Europe with Green Hydrogen
A Green Hydrogen Hub in the best placed country 
in Europe for a pilot hydrogen hub: Cyprus. 
Production  Storage  Transportation  HRS(stations) 

€ 5.5-€6.25 
/ H2 kg at pump 

at almost half cost of
other EU countries

€ 400 million

1st Phase Projects

1,800 kWh per 
1 kW power installed

Cyprus has Europe's
best solar resource for GREEN HYDROGEN

Building a green hydrogen bridge between EU & the world

Starting with South Korea / Asia:      The Chairman of the New Hydrogen Hub Ltd and core partner is Tong Soo Chung, Honorary Ambassador of Foreign Investment Promotion of S. Korea and the former head of “Invest Korea” who has also brought along key institutions and anchor companies from S. Korea. 

       Brief Introduction

For European Union's
Green Hydrogen

New hydrogen technologies to support European Union’s REPowerEU Plan: energy supply diversification, energy savings, clean energy transition acceleration, investment and reform. 

The New Hydrogen Hub: production, storage/transport, other enabling infrastructure. At the center, an academia hub for promoting collaboration and dissemination of hydrogen technologies.

Why Cyprus:

One of EU’s smallest countries, thus easier to implement a country wide “hub” / pilot project. Cyprus has very high cost of conventional fuels (petrol, diesel) while also Europe’s best solar irradiation. starting with the territory under the more direct control of the Republic of Cyprus, but ready to use it as a catalyst of cooperation across the island.  Aside the main hub area, we will also have a few satellite locations around the island where smaller units will produce green hydrogen and where we will have hydrogen refueling stations. The core aim of New Hydrogen Hub is to make Cyprus, given its small size relative to other EU countries, a testbed for having a functional solution to advancing a hydrogen economy in Europe.  As such, the reference to the New Hydrogen Hub or Hub, entails not only the central location but the satellite ones too as all these components need to work together to make hydrogen a component of the energy mix in Cyprus, and in extension to be copied in other EU countries afterwards. 

Funding Green H2

The initial project’s total cost agreed by the New Hydrogen Hub Ltd shareholders is €300 million (for which we had it oversubscribed with commitments of €400 million) with the final size dependent on the European Union and Cyprus Government flexibility / support to work with us.  

Meet Our Team

Chung Tong Soo

Founder & Chairman

Andreas Karas

Founder & President

Marios Afantitis

Founder & CEO

Selected Partners

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